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Username: ezio Last Online: Dec 15, 2017 18:56:18 GMT -5
Latest Status: I lived 65 years and died from a heart attack. Now I haunt the forums and keep killing Templars.
Gender: Male
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Date Registered: Nov 5, 2017 15:37:54 GMT -5
I hunt down those I once considered friends, allies. But they all betrayed me. I will haunt these forums, forgotten in the days to come. I will haunt you at random times and then leave, as quietly as I came.

Arrivederci! - Goodbye!
Sto bene. - I'm fine.
Tu. - You.
Come stai. - How are you.
Sì. - Yes.
La Fratellanza. - The Brotherhood.
Saluti. - Greetings.